Conduct a Proactive Obsolescence Management with specialized Repair and Service Companies

07 Jan 2014
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In the top league of repairs and maintenance the game goes on into extra time. Here the operator will be advised in advance of costs and necessary preventive measures by way of quotes and costings. Not every time does this apply to foreseen wear on equipment parts like condensers and similar components but often also to suspect production components which have to be eliminated.
Only when in this area foresight is applied can a repair also provide further additional advantages for the operator in favour of new acquisitions. It is not seldom that a component is returned to the operator better and safer than it was originally. Furthermore, it is not unusual for the manufacturers of automatic equipment to make use of such external repair services.

Prerequisites for the ability to provide such services are experience gained in the course of decades as well as the recording of defect data details. They allow the service provider to take precise preventive measures.
The possibilities go much further than the mere repair of obsolete components. The operator can actively consult such a service provider and get advice about components which are in danger of becoming defective. On the strength of personal experience and the existence of defect data recordings the service provider can make extensive component analyses. The advice offered by a service provider who is not tied to a particular brand or make can be very useful where migration strategies are concerned.

Quite frequently the operator is confronted with a long development project migrating to an exchanging system – but where should one start? Is it not more sensible to start with obsolete or difficult to repair parts? In certain cases the servicer is in the position to either offer a complete life cycle management portfolio or a complete stock management strategy.

In any case the operator in his choice of service partners should observe certain ground rules. Particular attention should be paid that the service operator has the quality RAL certification. The RAL certificate "Industrial Services" is a guarantee for high quality service in this field. Companies that have gained the right to carry the RAL certificate are measured by the long-term service, whether the customer is satisfied and how well the ecological and social demands have been met with the economic requirements. The TÜV is an independent institution guaranteeing the adherence to quality standards. Such institutions are themselves under strict quality control.

Furthermore, repair work always has something to do with experience. As a rule one can say: The wider the experience of the repair service company the better for the client. Finally, attention should be paid to organized and professional test and repair procedures. Without professional repair equipment such as the afore-mentioned soldering techniques as well as modern cleansing and drying possibilities it is almost impossible to achieve a safe and long-lasting repair. Well thought-through test procedures both on hard- and software basis are essential. Without these processes the lasting repair of automation is virtually impossible.

Do not be put off either by continuously shorter product life cycles or by the appearance of announcements to this effect. Conduct a proactive obsolescence management and get the help of professional advisers and specialized repair and service companies.

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André Zimmer

André Zimmer is sales manager with the Eichler GmbH. He comes from a technical background, has studied sales management and has considerable experience in a number of other areas. For many years he has been involved in the repair of automation equipment. As a specialist for the repair of obsolete plc of renowned mobile automation equipment manufacturers he offers thought-through life-cycle management with an all-round product portfolio in the whole of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Eichler GmbH is an RAL-certified independent service company with more than 30 years experience in mobile automation techniques and as a result the leading partner when it concerns repair work to achieve obsolescence elimination and prevention. Apart from well analysed repair procedures the company offers professional strategies for end-of-life management. Eichler GmbH is a founding member of the Federation of Industrial Services.


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