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What is Obsolescence?

Obsolescence refers to the state of being outdated or no longer in use, usually because newer and more advanced technologies, methods or products have been introduced. It can be observed in domains such as technology, products, software and processes.


Technological obsolescence occurs when newer technologies surpass or replace ones making them less relevant or efficient.

Product obsolescence takes place when a specific item is no longer produced or supported by its manufacturer.


Obsolescence impacts industries, economies, and environmental sustainability. Addressing obsolescence involves innovation, sustainable practices, and strategic planning to extend product lifecycles, reduce waste, and adapt to evolving technological and market trends.

What is Obsolescence Management?

Obsolescence management is the systematic approach to identifying, mitigating, and planning for the risks associated with products, technologies, or components becoming obsolete. It involves strategies aimed at ensuring continuity and minimizing disruptions throughout their lifecycle. Key aspects include proactive monitoring of market trends and technological advancements, assessing risks associated with discontinued products or components, and developing Obsolescence Management Plans (OMP) according to the IEC 62402 standard.


By implementing robust obsolescence management practices, organizations can maintain operational efficiency, reduce costs associated with sudden changes or disruptions, and ensure continued customer satisfaction through reliable product support and availability.

Discussed Categories in the Obsolescence Community Forum


This is the default category for posts in the community that don’t fit into a specific category. Here, you can discuss a broad range of life cycle management topics and share insights on various subjects that span across different areas of interest. If you’re not sure where your post belongs, #general is the perfect place to start the conversation.

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Embracing Obsolescence: Unlocking Member Benefits for Our Evolving Community
Discontinuance and Change Information Checklist


Members are always up to date with obsolescence, supply-chain and environmental compliance topics, problems and solutions.

Obsolescence Management Know How


Due to the relevant as well as historical content posted, members have access to the know-how the other expert members of this platform offer.

Life Cycle Management Strategies


Members contribute to a continual improvement of strategies used when approaching obsolescence and life cycle management.

Obsolescence Management Collaboration


Members expose issues they are facing and exchange ideas with other community members. The purpose is here to help each other and together strengthen the market position.


The expert community provides a platform for collaboration and collective efforts to address the challenges associated with obsolescence in its various forms.

Supply Chain Resilience

Supply-Chain Resilience

Adapt and recover quickly from disruptions through risk mitigation which often involves diversifying suppliers, having alternative suppliers or redundant systems in place. Through this you will be flexible, allowing quick adjustments to changes in demand. 


Resilience often involves improved visibility into the supply chain, allowing better monitoring and management of processes.

How to become an Obsolescence Community Member?

Requirements to navigating Obsolescence: Your Free Membership Journey Ahead

AMSYS Customer: Current AMSYS LCM Client or Portal User

As AMSYS is the developer and hoster of the Obsolescence Community, all AMSYS customers receive free access.

Free access to this international expert community is granted to users with a valid license for the following products:

  • AMSYS Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client – The obsolescence management software with + efficiency, that  makes your reactive, proactive and strategic obsolescence process automated, digitized and traceable.
    • The Obsolescence Management (OM) Module individually maps customer’s processes in its automated obsolescence case management including customer notifications.
    • The Risk Management (RM) Module allows customizable risk analysis compliant to SD-22 DMSMS and IEC62402 standard, aggregating data through component database API’s and customer’s internal data.
  • Obsolescence Management Portal – The Obsolescence Management Portal allows all rail operators, as well as national and regional transport companies, to obtain information on the topics of obsolescence management and spare parts supply together with all registered members and to exchange vehicle-specific information.

AMSYS Alumni: Seminar Graduate or Certified Obsolescence Manager

If you have already successfully attended one of the many AMSYS seminars or workshops, you will receive free access. Whether it was one of the open seminar-workshops or an in-house course, we know you have developed best-in-class expert knowledge and are predestined to participate in the Obsolescence Community:

IIOM Member: International Institute of Obsolescence Management

IIOM is the world’s largest not-for-profit professional body specializing in obsolescence management, with chapters in five countries. Members include system and equipment manufacturers, OEMs, asset owners and obsolescence solution providers. IIOM promotes best practice sharing and networking amongst members with regular in-person meetings and webinars.

Are you or your company member of one of the chapters of the International Institute for Obsolescence Management (IIOM)?


All IIOM members (proof required) of the chapters mentioned above can join the Obsolescence Community for free.

Student or Professor - Academia Logo

Academia: Student or Professor

If you are a professor or a student which is currently doing research or working in this field of obsolescence management, life cycle management, supply chain management, environmental compliance or the like and want to get involved in the community activities and gather as much information as possible for your project.


Please note that proof is required in order to be accepted as a free member of the community.

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